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Welcome to The House of Divas! This is a blog that will have matches between all divas in wrestling history and I will also have celebrities. The roster will be released soon. The roster will have attitude era divas, current Raw divas, current Smack Down Live divas, and current and past Impact Wrestling knockouts. There will be no set celebrity roster as they will be doing guest appearances.


Stephanie’s Birthday Bash

Greetings and we are back in the Aslyum. Next week we will be having our Stampede event, but we have been summoned here. Looks like we’re about to find out what this is about as Carrie and Ivanka are in the ring.

Carrie: “Welcome tonight is a very special night and you all get to be a part of it. It is Stephanie McMahon’s birthday!”

Ivanka: “And thanks to Carrie and me you all get to enjoy the celebration!”

Wait instead of Stephanie’s music Nikki Cross’s music plays and she comes out standing at the top of the ramp.

Nikki: “So this place gets opened up for Stephanie, but you kept it closed so I couldn’t celebrate my best friend Lexi’s birthday with the world, but there are no hard feelings as matter of fact Lexi is backstage right now giving Stephanie her birthday present.”

The tron comes on and shows Alexa with a package on a pallet standing in front of Stephanie’s office door. Alexa knocks on the door and runs off. In the ring in a panic Carrie and Ivanka take out their phones trying to call Stephanie.

Stephanie answers the door and sees the present and smiles. Stephanie starts undoing the bow when all of sudden the package explodes open and Trish pops out! Trish Stratus is back! Trish moves forward and grabs Stephanie by her hair dragging her over to the couch and sitting down and bringing Stephanie over her lap.

Trish: “Time for your birthday spanking Steph!”

As the spanking begins Alexa comes back into view and shuts the door. Alexa puts the pallet against the door blocking anyone from saving Stephanie.

In the ring Ivanka and Carrie are throwing fits trying to call for help. At the top of the ramp Nikki is looking up at the tron smiling. Nikki then turns to the ring.

Nikki: “Don’t feel left out girls. We know brats like you get gift bags at mean girl parties, and here is yours!”

Ivanka and Carrie look around and Kelly and Torrie hit the ring from behind. Torrie grabs Ivanka and hairmares her into a corner while Kelly hairmares Carrie into the opposite corner. Kelly and Torrie stand facing each other and pull down their pants and back up. Nikki now ringside holds Ivanka in place as Torrie stinkfaces her. Carrie bails out of the ring avoiding Kelly’s ass.

Carrie outside pointing at to her face saying “You can’t touch this!” Kelly gets out of the ring and Carrie runs up the ramp, but is cut off by Alexa. Back ringside Kelly taps Nikki on the shoulder and Nikki charges after Carrie as Kelly holds Ivanka in place for Torrie’s stinkface.

Nikki up the ramp takes down Carrie and gets her up, but keeps her bent over in a front facelock. Alexa walks up “You know Carrie I don’t think you got your birthday spanking. Well here it is!” Alexa slaps Carrie’s ass 37 times.

Alexa: “Now usually you get one more to grow on, but I doubt you ever will grow up, so you get one more punishment for being a brat!”

Nikki then hits Carrie with the Purge. Alexa helps Nikki up as they go to the ring and join Kelly and Torrie. Ivanka is kicked out of the ring as the stinkface has knocked her out.

Nikki: “Lexi I know we didn’t get to celebrate your birthday because of lock down, but we can now!”

Torrie, Kelly, Nikki, and Alexa start using the set up for Stephanie’s birthday for Alexa. As they get to the birthday cake Nikki gets a look in her eyes. Alexa looks up at her “What?”

Nikki: “This is the wacky world of pro wrestling!”

Before Alexa can react Nikki shoves her face into the birthday cake. Kelly helps Alexa then suddenly sends Alexa into the corner.

Kelly: “I’ll help you clean up Alexa! Lucky for you my ass is hungry!”

Kelly backs up giving Alexa a stinkface using her ass to clean off Alexa’s face. Seeing this Nikki snaps and jumps on Kelly. Both fall on Alexa, but Nikki grabs Kelly bringing her to the center of the ring and hits the purge! Nikki goes and helps Alexa while Torrie bails from the ring. In the ring Nikki is holding Alexa when Alexa pulls back on Nikki and hits Sister Abgail knocking Nikki out.

A Moment of Bliss: Birthday Bash

Due to the circumstances we are in all of our shows are being held on this closed set inside the Aslyum in Nashville,c TN. To kickoff  ourn reality the goddess Alexa Bliss. Alexa enters the Aslyum to host A Moment of Bliss and gets in the ring that is set up with the Moment of Bliss set.

Alexa: “Welcome everyone. I know I wish you were here live too, but we have to make the best of our times. Luckily I am able to be with my bestie to help her celebrate her birthday. So Nikki come on out.”

Nikki Cross is now making her entrance, but as she gets ringside Stephanie McMahon’s music hits and she comes out with Ivanka Trump by her side.

Stephanie: “First things first as you know the GM has laid a challenge out for me and Ivanka. Well we accept and as far as team stinkface is concerned I guarantee you that neither of us will be getting facials from Torrie or Kelly’s bums! Now Lexi you can stay but Nikki you have to go. We will have a birthday bash, but it will be for a couple that people actually want to see!”

Royal music begins to play as Charlotte and Carrie make their entrance.

Ivanka: “I present to you the queen of the ring Charlotte and the queen of country music Carrie Underwood!”

Nikki with a sad look begins going up the ramp and waves bye to Alexa. Stephanie and Ivanka are on the apron and demanding Alexa hold the ropes open. Alexa walks up to the ropes but stops and looks up at Stephanie.

Alexa: “No! All four of you leave! This is Nikki’s day and I’m not letting you hijack it!”

Nikki who is at the top of the ramp turns and looks back hearing Alexa scream.

Stephanie: “Alexa don’t be a dumb blonde and do as your told!”

Alexa slaps Stephanie knocking her off the apron. Ivanka cheap shots Alexa knocking her to the canvas and enters the ring to continue the attack. Nikki seeing her friend attacked gets angry and rushes the ring and as she does she takes out Charlotte and Carrie. Stephanie getting up from the slap but is knocked down by Nikki as Nikki shoves her aside and slides under the bottom rope entering the ring. Once in the ring Nikki pounces on Ivanka, but Ivanka is able to crawl out of the ring and join Stephanie, Charlotte, and Carrie on the floor. Nikki checks on Alexa as Alexa regains her composure standing up.

Stephanie: “How dare you Alexa! Because of these quarantine orders Charlotte and Carrie didn’t get their parties and people want to see them not Nikki!”

Alexa looks at Nikki who goes over to the table and picks up the cake Alexa had gotten her.

Nikki: “Well this is the wacky world of wrestling, so if they want to be part of the party. This is how it usually ends up!”

Nikki throws the cake from the ring and it hits Charlotte in the face. Charlotte begins throwing a tantrum as Stephanie and Ivanka try to calm her. Carrie watches the ring and gets suspicious as she watches Alexa go over to the table, so she begins backing up the ramp. Alexa with the punch bowl goes over by the ropes and dumps it over covering Stephanie in it.

Alexa: “Here let me help you wash down that cake!”

Some of the punch lands on the floor causing Stephanie to slip and fall, meanwhile Ivanka is trying to help clean up Charlotte, and Carrie is escaping. Wait a minute! On the Tron Trish Stratus has appeared stopping Carrie in her tracks.

Trish: “Hey Carrie! I just wanted to thank you for everything you have done to me and what better way than a birthday present. Now I can’t be there live to give you your spanking, but I can help with the food and what better to give you than what you are full of!”

Oh my gawd! Crap is raining down on top of the ramp covering Carrie who is slipping and falling in it. She is even rolling around in it trying to get away. In the ring Alexa and Nikki are laughing at the sight before them. All of sudden Alexa whispers in Nikki’s ear. Nikki reaches through the ropes and grabs Ivanka pulling her into the ring.

Alexa: “I don’t want you to feel left out Ivanka, so I have something for you!”

Nikki kicks Ivanka in the stomach causing her to double over, and then Nikki hits a swinging neck breaker while Alexa climbs to the top rope.

Alexa: “Here’s your moment of Bliss Ivanka!”

Alexa leaps off the top rope and hits Twisted Bliss on Ivanka! Nikki helps Alexa up and they exit the ring leaving where the crowd usually would be going off to celebrate Nikki’s birthday. Meanwhile in the ring Ivanka is out from Twisted Bliss, on the floor Stephanie is stuck on the floor slipping everytime she tries to stand falling into the punch, also on the floor Charlotte is trying to get the cake off her face, and on top of the ramp Carrie is trying to get out of the crap. On the Tron Trish is smiling looking on at Stephanie, Ivanka, Charlotte, and especially Carrie’s humiliation.

Winter Premier Fall Out Interview

Charly Caruso is backstage with the GM to get reaction from all of tonight’s events and set things up for Spring Stampede.

Charly: “Welcome everyone.”

GM: “Hold on Charly! I want you to know that I saw what you did to Erin and there will be repercussions for that.”

Charly: “Well I’ll wait until I hear that from the real boss Stephanie.”

GM: “I’m glad you brought her up because after what I just saw it’s obvious her and Ivanka want to get involved so I’m going to let them. At Spring Stampede Ivanka and Stephanie will face Kelly and Torrie.”

Charly laughing “Are you sure you have that authority?”

GM laughing “Yeah you are right Stephanie will decide if she wants to compete, but I do have the authority to deal with you! At Spring Stampede Brie Bella will be on the IR, and since you did so well with the Bellas in setting up Renee you will be her replacement! Now I have to inform Stephanie about her match!”

The GM walks off while Charly is stomping her feet and pouting at the announcement involving her.

Potential Spring Stampede card:

1. Nikki Cross vs Jennifer Brennan with Special Guest Enforcer: Alexa Bliss

2. Robbie vs Sadie with Special Guest Enforcer: Charlotte

3. Handicap: Anna vs Velvet Sky and Angelina Love

4. Stephanie’s Surprise vs Madison Rayne

5. Carrie Underwood vs Lacey Von Erich

6. Miranda Lambert and Kelsea Ballerini vs Nikki Bella and Charly Caruso

7. Potential Match Up: Team Billionaire(Stephanie and Ivanka) vs Team Stinkface ( Torrie and Kelly)

Kelly Kelly vs Torrie Wilson

Kelly is in the ring furious as she throws a fit as Torrie Wilson makes her entrance as Torrie gets ringside Kelly launches herself through the ropes hitting a suicide dive  and landing on top of Torrie. Each girl grabs the others golden locks and they are rolling around on the floor as they have a cat fight. Kelly eventually gets the upper hand and stands over Torrie still holding on to her golden locks. Kelly then flings Torrie into the steel steps. Torrie is out on the floor spread eagle while Kelly is standing tall. Kelly looks up the ramp at Ivanka, Stephanie, and Carrie. Kelly shakes her head and marches over to Torrie and picks her up by her golden locks and rolls her into the ring and looks back at Carrie, Ivanka, and Stephanie before following Torrie into the ring.

Kelly standing back letting the ref check on Torrie, but Carrie, Ivanka, and Stephanie are coming down ringside. Kelly sees them coming and runs the ropes going for another suicide dive, but gets caught by Stephanie. Stephanie has Kelly hoisted up on her shoulder so Kelly has her back to the ring. Ivanka then hits a cutter as Kelly’s face is dropped on the ramp thanks to Ivanka and Stephanie teaming up with a 3D. The ref looks on helplessly as Carrie reminds him the match hasn’t started so he can’t disqualify Torrie. Stephanie and Ivanka then roll Kelly into the ring to a waiting Torrie who has recovered. After putting Kelly into the ring Stephanie orders the match started and the ref is forced to signal for the bell.

The match has officially started and Torrie wants to go for the quick win, but Carrie waves her off and is giving instructions for her to embarrass Kelly. Torrie listens to Carrie and drags Kelly to the corner and props her up on the bottom turnbuckle. Torrie then backs up and spins around, so Torrie has her back to Kelly and Torrie gives herself a wedgie. Torrie now backs up and delivers a stinkface to Kelly. Carrie leaning against the apron whispers in Kelly’s ear taunting her. Finally Stephanie orders Torrie to finish things. Torrie stands up and turns around so she’s facing Kelly. Torrie bends down and drags Kelly by her feet to the center of the ring, and once their Torrie places her foot on Kelly’s boobs the ref gets in position to count 1…2… Wait a counter by Kelly out of nowhere! She trips up Torrie and locks in an ankle lock! Stephanie quickly grabs the ref and pulls him out of the ring and they start to argue on the floor.

Meanwhile in the ring Kelly keeps torturing Torrie until she sees Carrie slide into the ring. Carrie seeing she’s caught stays seated and backs up into the corner.

Kelly: “Perfect position Carrie!”

Kelly turns her back to Carrie looking for a stinkface, but turns into Ivanka who kicks her in the gut making Kelly bend over. With Kelly in position Ivanka leaps up hitting K2 to Kelly. Kelly is now face down and ass up Carrie in the corner chuckling as Ivanka also exits the ring. Torrie recovered enough crawls over to Kelly to make the pin. Meanwhile on the floor Stephanie orders the ref back into the ring. The ref turns and sees the pin so slides back into the ring to make the count.

Meanwhile back in the ring Torrie has rolled Kelly over and nonchalantly pins Kelly propping herself up like she’s a pillow. The ref back in the ring and in position counts 1…2… Kelly with a reversal rolls Torrie up in a crucifix and the ref counts 1…2..3! Kelly pulls out the win!

Kelly releases Torrie who sits on her knees looking stunned. While on the floor Carrie, Ivanka, and Stephanie look stunned as well. Kelly celebrating goes over to taunt the three, but is stopped as Torrie crawls up behind Kelly and low blows her. Kelly bends over as Torrie stands up and spins her around. Torrie hits a nose job and Kelly is left laying face down ass up. Torrie now exits the ring and gets in Carrie’s face blaming her for the loss. Ivanka behind Torrie low blows her with a kick and Torrie bends over. Stephanie grabs Torrie’s locks puts her between her legs and Pedigrees her on the floor. Torrie is laid out face down ass up on the floor Stephanie on her knees gets help from Carrie and Ivanka getting up and the three start up the ramp.



Kelly Kelly vs Carrie Underwood: Announcement

Kelly Kelly is in the ring waiting on Carrie Underwood who is now making her entrance, but Carrie stops at the top of the ramp and is soon joined by Stephanie McMahon and Ivanka Trump. Stephanie motions to the back and the GM comes out and joins Ivanka, Stephanie, and Carrie. The GM is holding a piece of paper and has a microphone.

GM: “I have a special bulletin tonight and it has ramifications for our show. The ramification is that tonight’s match between Kelly and Carrie is cancelled!”

Carrie is snuggling next to Ivanka smirking how Kelly is in the ring throwing a tantrum.

GM: “The reason this match is cancelled is because Kelly needs time to get a new strategy because the stinkface is banned. The reason for this is because the president has declared Carrie Underwood’s face a national treasure.”

Stephanie McMahon holds up the piece of paper with the president’s signature. While Carrie rubs her face.

GM: “But don’t worry Kelly you will have a match tonight! Since the fans want to see a stinkface we will guarantee them one because Kelly your opponent tonight is Torrie Wilson!”

Torrie Wilson makes her entrance and the GM heads to the back while Ivanka, Stephanie, and Carrie stay to watch at the top of the ramp.

Backstage Segment/Interview with Charly Caruso

We now go backstage and Carrie is on her way to the ring for the main event with Stephanie and Ivanka. They stop when they see the GM.

Carrie: “Excuse me I need to talk to you about my match.”

GM: “Carrie worry about Lacey later. You have Kelly up next.”

Stephanie: “We need to discuss Carrie’s match with Kelly.”

Stephanie hands papers to the GM who looks them over.

GM: “Are you serious?”

Ivanka: “Yes, now come along you have an announcement to make.”

The GM sighs and joins Carrie, Ivanka, and Stephanie going to the ring.

We now have Erin Andrews catching up with Charly Caruso.

Erin: “Charly! What was that about?”

Charly: “What I just did was teach Renee a lesson. She doesn’t belong in my company! I am the number 1 interviewer here and don’t need any lackey. Speaking of lackeys now that my match is over you are no longer needed.”

Charly elbows Erin in the stomach and she drops her microphone as she doubles over. Charly now grabs Erin by her hair and throws her shoulder first into a production case. Erin on all fours now and Charly with a curb stomp sends Erin face first into the concrete floor. Erin is out face down and ass up as Charly walks over and picks up the microphone.

Charly: “Well fans your ace reporter is back and do I have a scoop for you! Seems the C-squad replacement they had for me has two left feet and fell down and hurt herself. So we will need some medical attention back here.”

The Bellas vs Charly Caruso and Renee Young

Both teams are in the ring and each team is huddling together trying to decide who will start the match. The Bellas decide on Nikki so Brie steps out on to the apron, meanwhile Renee has talked Charly into letting her start the match. Charly takes her spot on the apron meanwhile noticing Renee is starting off Nikki tags out and Brie steps into the ring, but before starting the action Nikki and Brie huddle again talking strategy. As the Bellas play their mind games Renee paces back and forth on her team’s side of the ring.

Finally Nikki steps out of the ring and Brie goes to the middle of the ring and Renee goes to meet her. Renee extends her arms looking for a lockup, but leaves herself open and Brie takes advantage and kicks her in the gut. The kick causes Renee to double over and Brie clubs her in the back causing Renee to go down to all fours. With Renee on all fours Brie backs up and hits a low drop kick. The low drop kick knocks Renee on to her back. Brie kips up and grabs Renee by her hair and drags her to the Bellas’ corner. Once in the Bellas’ corner Brie tags in Nikki.

Brie  stands on Renee holding her in place as Nikki enters the ring. With Nikki inside the ring Brie steps off of Renee and goes out to the apron. Nikki grabs Renee’s arms and drags her to the middle of the ring and does the Cesaro swing. After 10 rotations Nikki let’s go of Renee’s legs, but Nikki finds herself dizzy and falls on her ass. Also unfortunately Nikki let go of Renee with such authority Renee landed on the opposite side of the ring in her corner and Charly tags herself in.

Charly enters the ring and goes over to Nikki. Charly grabs Nikki pulls her up and hits a snap suplex. Charly floats over and covers Nikki. The ref counts 1…2… Nikki kicks out with authority throwing Charly off of her. Nikki sets up trying to catch her breath, but Charly already up and wraps her arms around Nikki’s neck locking her in a rear chin lock. Nikki gets back to a standing position and Charly repositions herself locking Nikki in a side headlock. Nikki shows off her power and lifts up Charly hitting a side suplex folding Charly up like an accordion. Charly is face down ass up meanwhile Nikki is laying on her side trying to catch her breath. The ref kneels down checking on both women and stands up starting the 10 count.

The ref is counting and at three both ladies are stirring. He gets up to five and while neither lady is up both are going to their corner. Charly is closer to her corner and makes the tag at seven. Renee comes in the ring and charges across knocking Brie off the apron. She turns around facing Nikki who is down on all fours and Renee bends down taking a hold of Nikki’s hair and drags her up. Renee then hooks Nikki in a front facelock and hits a jumping DDT. Renee goes for the cover, but before the ref can get in position to count Brie pulls Renee out of the ring. After pulling Renee out of the ring Brie throws her shoulder first into the steel steps. Renee is now seated against the steps and Brie launches an attack with Yes! Kicks. After nine Brie backs up and goes for the knock out kick, but at the last moment Renee moves and Brie hits the steel steps!

Brie down holding her ankle as Renee uses the apron to pull herself up and slides into the ring. Renee begins crawling towards Charly who is stomping on the apron trying to rally her partner. On the other side of the ring Nikki using the ropes to pull herself up as she shakes the cobwebs loose. Nikki still seated sees Renee going for the tag and turns around only to see her sister on the floor injured. Nikki finishes pulling herself up and goes to stop the pin, but is too late as Renee is there reaching out for Charly. At the last moment Charly leaps off the apron and starts backing up waving bye to Renee.

Renee holding the second rope on her knees watching her partner abandon her. Nikki from behind jumps on Renee dropping her throat first across the rope. Nikki stays there seated for a few seconds as the ref gives her the five count. Nikki gets off at the count of four and Renee collapses off the rope and is on her side coughing and rubbing her throat. Nikki reaches down and grabs Renee by her hair and drags her to the middle of the ring. Once they are in the middle of the ring Nikki pulls her up and hits her forearm knocking Renee out on her feet, but Nikki holds her up. As Nikki holds Renee up she squats and places Renee on her shoulders and goes down to her knees hitting the Rack Attack. Nikki releases Renee and floats over into the cover. Nikki hooks both of Renee’s legs giving the crowd a view of her butt as the ref counts, and Nikki spanks Renee along with the ref’s count. 1…2…3!

Nikki stands up and gets her hand raised in victory. After that Renee reaches down and drags Renee over to the apron facing the ramp. Nikki then kicks Renee out of the ring like she’s a piece of garbage.  With Renee out of the ring Nikki slides out and goes to her sister and helps her stand up. Brie places one arm around Nikki’s shoulder and they walk over to Renee and taunt her with loser signs on their foreheads before leaving ringside.

The Beautiful People address the crowd

Madison is in the ring with the other Beautiful People holding the microphone as Angelina is ready to speak.

Angelina: “Now I know you are all wondering why the Beautiful People showed their kick ass side and interrupted this match. Well tell them Velvet.”


Velvet: “Look at what happened tonight! Lacey won her match and do the cameras show our victory party for her? No! So we are forced to lower ourselves and have our victory party in front of all you ugly people!”

Wait a minute the GM has came out on the ramp and is holding a microphone.

GM: “No! No! No! There will be no celebration party tonight! We have had a lot of people victorious tonight and they didn’t get a party. That includes the debuting team of BlissCross Applesauce and Charlotte who beat….oh that’s right you the Beautiful People!”

Velvet pouts while Angelina trash talks the GM and Madison holds Lacey back.

GM: “Now for the reason I am out here. It seems I overstepped my bounds with some of the match making I did for our next event. So I have to make changes to the line up. Now we will see Nikki Cross vs Jennifer Brennan with special guest enforcer Alexa Bliss and Sadie vs Robbie with special guest enforcer Charlotte, but Anna vs Carrie is cancelled. That match is cancelled because it was originally supposed to be Anna vs Carrie and Miranda, and Miranda is already in action when she teams with Kelsea to battle the Bellas. Now Anna will be in action in a handicap match against Angelina and Velvet. Also Carrie will be in action when she goes for revenge against the woman who took out her partners Lacey Von Erich! Oh and Madison since your partners are all in action Stephanie doesn’t want you to feel left out so you will face a surprise Stephanie has for you!”

In the ring Lacey is smirking about facing Carrie how the other three are having a tantrum about their matches.

Anna vs Kelsea

We are back and both ladies are in the ring ready for action. Well Anna is ready for action looking confident and ready to go. While Kelsea looks extremely nervous with no confidence on the other side of the ring. The ref is in the middle of the ring seeing if both ladies are ready. Kelsea nods yes apparently wanting to get her execution over with. Anna doesn’t give a signal but looks to get a jump on the match charges Kelsea.

Kelsea sees Anna coming and brings her feet up. Anna splashes getting caught with Kelsea’s boots right in her ribs. Anna is down on her knees holding her ribs and Kelsea takes advantage and punts Anna right in the head knocking her out. The ref backs Kelsea up as he waves off the start of the match and checks on Anna.

Kelsea is back in a corner with her back to the ramp as she is now excluding confidence getting ready to be awarded the victory due to knock out. As the ref is checking in on Anna The Beautiful People are running down the ramp. Lacey gets up on the apron behind Kelsea and latches the claw on her crushing her skull. As Lacey takes out Kelsea Angelina and Velvet slide into the ring and toss Anna out like she’s a piece of trash. Lacey releases Kelsea and Angelina and Velvet toss her out too. While this is going on Madison goes over to the timekeeper and gets a microphone. Madison joins the others in the ring as it looks like they will explain their actions.